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Euroma Macchine S.r.l.

Via Massimo D’Antona, 2
40069 Zola Predosa (Bo)
Tel. 051.755423
Fax 051.752502

P.IVA 00547741207

Euroma: Leader in Automation
Euroma: leader di settore   For the last thirty years Euroma has been a leader in the Italian market for the production of operating units and rotary tables. Due to the fact that Euroma has grown one of the the most prestigious automotive areas in the world, it has become one of the main points of reference for industrial automation sector.

Experience and flexibility, achieved through the continued pursuit of technological development allows for great innovation as well as the ability for customized solutions. Euroma is able to tailor make its products to fit the customers exact needs while maintaining our high standard of quality and competitive costs even against the new and emerging market.

Euroma: Technology and Sustainability
Euroma: tecnologia e sostenibilità   Technology and sustainable development are Euroma's objectives. We believe in the importance of preserving our environment.

Our dream is to balance innovation with environmental awareness, and we work to achieve this goal every day. We would like to create a company that is energy efficient, creates technical solutions for high performance with a low environmental impact, as well as providing quality products at competitive prices.

We aim to be an environmentally friendly company in both the industrial production but also in our daily operations. Our new challenge will be to find a renewable energy supply so that the success of our company comes along with the improvement of the environment.

Euroma: Customer Satisfaction
Euroma: customer satisfaction   All of our production choices depend primarily on our main objective: Customer Satisfaction.

To maximize our efficiency and flexibility, designing, purchasing and supply of raw material, production and assembly of components, marketing and post-sales assistance, creation and distribution of products, we handle everything internally so that we can improve knowledge management and workflow. This has allowed for innovation and technological development.

We are able to guarantee quality control since we design, construct, and assemble all the components directly in our facilities. We carefully double check our products during each phase of production.

The continuous investment in our equipment and our assembly line have guaranteed the growth of productivity and allow us to maintain a high standard of quality.